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As you guys can see, I’ve been trying to learn Spanish lately (I still suck though) *Shoutout to Tyro :D*. But anyway, this was requested so many times so I decided to do a review on the Original babylips line! *yay*. There are 7 colors in the Original line but I’m going to review 6 of them for you, just because they don’t sell ‘Peach Kiss’ here. Image

From left to right: Pink Punch, Cherry Me, Intense Care, Mint Fresh, Hydrate and Grape Vine

The first thing I noticed was the packaging, can I just say how cute they look and how great they actually smell?


From above (from left to right): Pink Punch, Cherry Me, Intense Care, Mint Fresh, Hydrate and Grape Vine

In this collection there are 3 clear ones (Intense Care, Mint Fresh, Hydrate) and 3 colored ones (Pink Punch, Cherry Me and Grape Vine). I must add that the clear ones have spf in them, which is awesome cause I always have dry lips during the winter and summer time (yeah I’m that unlucky I know). It would have been great if the colored ones also had spf in them, but unfortunately they don’t. Each of the babylips in this collection has its own smell. Pink Punch for example smells like grapefruit and the smell makes me want to lick the lipbalm of my lips. Cherry Me has a very sweet cherry scent. I love cherry’s, but cherry scents in lipbalms makes me want to puke. I REALLY like the color though, despite the smell! Intense care smells like almonds and I am a big almond fan. I could eat almonds for the rest of my life without complaining. Fresh Mint has a minty smell and gives that minty/cool feeling to your lips. Hydrate smells like basilicum and last but not least is Grape Vine and one of my favorites. Grape Vine smells like red grapes and gives you (at least it gives me) a very Springy feeling.


Swatches (from left to right): Pink Punch, Cherry Me and Grape Vine.

When I swatched these 3 lipbalms I noticed that Pink Punch and Cherry Me were the only ones that were really pigmented. Grape Vine was really sheer, which made me sad because I really liked the color in the package. The lipbalms stay for 6 hours on your lips, so you have to re-apply it. The lipbalms are 3,45 euro’s each and you can find them in any drugstore.

My favorite ones out of this collection are: Pink Punch, Hydrate and Grape Vine (despite the sheerness)

What are your favorites? Tell me in the comment section down below and also let me know which ones you own!

XoXo Hatice



10 thoughts on “Review: Babylips Original Line

  1. sosophisticatedbeauty says:

    Oh wow you really love your baby lips 🙂 I have peach kiss and its only a soft shimmer your not missing out on any color!! Great review 🙂 Also I wanted to let you know that I’ve nominated you for the liebster award! it recognizes up and coming bloggers! all the rules are on my page
    if you’ve already been nominated congrats! if not I hope you accept mine!

  2. lila says:

    Uuh, I think I wanna try Pink Punch & Grape Vine now. Haven’t tried Baby Lips, although they were hyped as hell.

    I like your blog, by the way. Very nice! & a great review! :]

  3. LuLu Luvs Makeup says:

    Hey there. Great review! I especially like that you described what scent each lipbalm had. I love babylips as well but skipped out on Intense Care but after you mentioned that it smells like almonds (love!) I’m going to have to add it to my collection and I blame you 😉

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