I always find b…

I always find beauty in things that are odd and imperfect they are much more interesting. – Marc Jacobs

Hey Beautyvamps!

I totally agree with Marc Jacobs! My friends always tell me I fall in love with weird guys. You see I really don’t care what people think cause if I fall in love with someone, I WILL fall in love. The heart wants what the heart wants. Sure we all want a really good looking boy/girlfriend but don’t you think it’s personality what counts? I’m not saying that you shouldn’t go for guys/girls who are good looking (being attractive is always a plus!) but at the end of the day…personality wins. If you think you’re not ‘that’ beautiful, you’re atleast aware of that so just take advantage of what you have! Just be yourself and stay humble! I’ll promise you someone, somewhere will love you for YOU and he or she will dig that! And remember beauty doesn’t last forever guys, personality does.

Hope you’ll have a great day and I’ll see you guys soon!

XoXo Hatice




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