O.P.I SO SO SKULLICIOUS nailpolishes

Hi BeautyVamps!

I entered this competition on cosmogirl.nl a while ago and my prize arrived so thought I’d review it for you guys. So today I’m going to review the O.P.I SO SO SKULLICIOUS limited edition nailpolishes. They come in a very cute little package but I accidently threw it away so I can’t show you guys the package unfortunately.

But it comes with these 4 cute little nailpolishes and I’m gonna try them out for you guys. I’m wearing two coats in all the pictures.

The first one is hi. Pumpkin! It’s a very bright orange color and honestly I don’t wear really bright colors so I would just use this one for nailart.

The second one is A-Rose from the Dead and it’s a really pretty pink color. I honestly think this one suits really well with my skin tone.

The third one is Morning Glory and it’s a black nailpolish. I don’t have any black nailpolishes so I’m really glad I have one for now. I think this black one looks really great as well just like A-Rose from the Dead.

And the last one is called Candlelight. It’s a very bright yellow color and it makes me think of Jennifer Lopez’s music video ‘Live It Up’ where she wears bright yellow lipstick and bright yellow nailpolish.

I honestly think this color makes my hand look pale don’t you think? I would use this one for nailart as well just like hi. Pumpkin!

I’m really happy with these nailpolishes cause you only need one coat but I always like to put on two coats. So as I said I would wear A-rose from the Dead and Morning Glory on a daily basis and use hi. Pumpkin! and Candlelight for nailart just because they don’t suit me.

You can get this set from Sephora for 19,99 euro’s.

Which one is your favorite let me know in the comment section down below!



11 thoughts on “O.P.I SO SO SKULLICIOUS nailpolishes

  1. Aych says:

    This is a gorgeous range! I was most excited by the yellow from the bottle but it ended up being my least favourite on the nails. All the others are gorgeous, and you have an enviable polish technique!

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