Falling for someone’s personality

Hi guys!

Today I wanted to talk about something different: INNER BEAUTY. Lately I’ve been hearing people telling me they want e.g a tall bf with gorgeous green eyes, curly hair, a sixpack and so on. I don’t know why people these days only go for beautiful/attractive/gorgeous girls who wear ton of make up and look like Victoria Secret models or guys who look like Calvin Klein models. If you ever feel ugly or feel like you’re not good enough…let me tell you that none of the things you see in magazines is real. Even models are photoshopped and it isn’t healthy to overthink those things. You know what counts? The answer is PERSONALITY. Yes it’s personality! A person can be very attractive but if their personality stinks than they’ll become automatically ugly to me. You shouldn’t judge people on how they look I honestly believe everyone’s beautiful cause God created you and only he knows what’s beautiful. And that’s probably the main reason why I fall in love with characters in books if you didn’t already know. The author tells you e.g what the person looks like but that doesn’t mean if the author thinks he/she is beautiful/attractive, you have to think the same. You’re picturing/imagining the character differently and so does the author. What I’m trying to say is that the cool  thing about books is that you don’t actually know how the character looks like but you still fall in love with the character or at least like the character, because of his/her manners, the way they do things. And that all is PERSONALITY. I read for example The Vampire Diaries bookseries and immidiately fell in love with Stefan Salvatore’s personality. I may be old fashioned or weird but I really fall for personalities and I think you should try to do the same. 🙂

Don’t forget that there’s someone out there who loves you!

XoXo Hatice



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